Or What Meaning

(idiomatic) Or something else; allows for the existence of an unexpressed alternative to what was said.

Example: 1926, Theodore Dreiser, An American Tragedy, page 68
  How should he know or guess or what?
1982, Armistead Maupin, Further Tales of the City, page 146
  Do they check you at the door or what?" Michael laughed.
2006, V.C. Andrews, Broken Flower, page 141
  [S]he asked me, and like you, I didn't know if that was like having heart failure or what.
2007, Omar Tyree, What They Want: A Novel, page 95
  I don't know if she was joking or what, but I joked back with her anyway. […]. Did I take her back to her hotel room and drop her off or what?