Other Side Meaning

(idiomatic, usually preceded by the and sometimes capitalized) The afterlife, as a supernatural realm inhabited by spirits of deceased people.

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see other,‎ side.
  We crossed to the other side of the road.
1906, Mark Twain, "Amended Obituaries" in The $30,000 Bequest and Other Stories:
  [I]t has seemed to me wise to take such measures as may be feasible, to acquire, by courtesy of the press, access to my standing obituaries, with the privilege—if this is not asking too much—of editing, not their Facts, but their Verdicts. This, not for the present profit, further than as concerns my family, but as a favorable influence usable on the Other Side, where there are some who are not friendly to me.
1994 Aug. 8, Pico Iyer, "Death Be Not a Stranger," Time:
  They tell us that something is waiting for us on the other side, that death may be a pilgrimage and not a destination, that the afterlife is a warm awakening after the fretful dream of life.
2008 April 8, Mark Rahner, "Psychic John Holland talks to the dead," Seattle Times, (retrieved 22 July 2011):
  "Well, when people from the other side communicate with me, they're using thought energy, just like you can't see radio waves coming into the radio."