Put On One's Dancing Shoes Meaning

(idiomatic) To prepare for celebration or rejoicing; to put oneself in a positive frame of mind.

Example: 1995, J. Richard Middleton, ‎Brian J. Walsh, Truth Is Stranger Than It Used to Be: Biblical Faith in a Postmodern Age, page 120:
  But we can at least begin to put on our dancing shoes as we get ready to celebrate the good news of Genesis 1.
2004, Sharon Kay Riddle, Warring at the Window, page 114:
  This is what allows us to put on our dancing shoes when others are moping and whining.
2011, Franklin T. Gibbs, The Shocking Truths about Heaven, Hell and Your Birthright Blessing, page 17:
  Well, you can put on your dancing shoes because sicknesses, diseases and abnormalities will never be found in heaven.