Put On Meaning

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see put,‎ on.
  He put the pen on the table.
  Put it on the list.
  The doctor put me on a diet.
To don (clothing, equipment, or the like).
  Why don't you put on your jacket. It's cold.
To fool, kid, deceive.
  You must be putting me on.
  She's putting on that she's sicker than she really is.
To assume, adopt or affect; to behave in a particular way as a pretence.
  Why are you putting on that silly voice?
  He's just putting on that limp -- his leg's actually fine.
To play (a recording).
  I'll put on your favorite record.
  Can you put on The Sound of Music? I'd like to see it again.
To initiate cooking or warming, especially on a stovetop.
  I'll put on some coffee for everybody.
To perform for an audience.
  The actors put on a show.