Raised By Wolves Meaning

Example: Uncivilized, unmannered.
2001, Kim Shaw, The New Book of Wedding Etiquette:
  Were they raised by wolves? What exactly are you expecting them to do at your reception, dance on the tables?
2001, Antoinette Stockenberg, Tidewater, page 60:
  Do you think I was raised by wolves? Do I really seem that clueless to you?" He said nothing; nothing at all.
2009, K. B. Whitaker, Fifty-Seven, page 11:
  I thought that Carl was saying these negative things to me out of love, but then over time, the words he spoke grew more and more harsh by the day. He would ask me insulting things like, "were you raised by wolves?
2010, Christopher Moore, Fool, page 250:
  â€œTell me, Drool, have you always known you were raised by wolves?” “Aye. I want to go outside and have a wee on a tree, now, Pocket. You want to come?” “No, you go, love, I'm going to stay here and shout at the old ladies."
2011, Jo Leigh, Daddy 101:
  However, he'd not been raised by wolves, and as he put the food down, he held his chair for the guest. “Care to join us?”