Ring Someone's Bell Meaning

(idiomatic) To physically traumatize someone with a strong blow, especially a concussive blow to the head.

Example: 1981 May 5, "Heads Up in the Outfield," St. Petersburg Evening Independent, p. 4C (retrieved 19 Jan. 2010):
  Braves outfielder Eddie Miller was struck in the head with an object thrown from the left field seats. . . . Braves manager Bobby Cox said Miller was more dazed than hurt. "It stung him pretty good, it rang his bell," Cox said.
2003 Oct. 11, Tom Singer, "Redman delivers quality start," MLB.com (retrieved 19 Jan. 2010):
  Redman took Kenny Lofton's left shoulder on his jaw and saw every color of the rainbow but teal. "That sent me down. I was kinda dizzy," Redman said . . . "You take a shot like that, it's going to ring your bell a bit."