Saddle Tramp Meaning

(chiefly US, idiomatic, derogatory) In the Old West, a person who wanders from place to place on horseback.

Example: 1987, George Bowering, Caprice (2010 New Star edition), ISBN 9781554200801, (Google preview):
  She allowed her fancy to play with the idea of staying in Fairfield, of forgetting her bitter quest. . . . But she was not a schoolteacher. . . . She was what some people called a saddle tramp.
1990, Janelle Taylor, Follow the Wind, ISBN 9781420127386, ch. 15 (Google preview):
  But I hope you don't have eyes for that saddletramp. He won't be around very long.
2014, Robert J. Gossett, Two Wanted Men in the Old West, ISBN 9781496938695, ch. 29 (Google preview):
  Tina continued, “One day this saddle tramp showed up and wanted to work for a meal. . . . After he ate and discovered that there were no men in the house, he started making lewd remarks and giving us lascivious looks.”