See Red Meaning

(idiomatic, soccer) To receive a red card, and be dismissed from the playing field.

Example: 1901, Frank Norris, The Octopus, ch. 2:
  "So help me, God," he cried, "when I think it all over I go crazy, I see red."
1920, William MacLeod Raine, The Big-Town Round-Up, ch. 22:
  Nothing but his temper, the lack of self-control that made him see red . . ., had kept Jerry out of a world championship.
2005 Jan. 26, Rob Hughes, "Soccer: Trio from Senegal is having a ball," New York Times (retrieved 14 Nov 2013):
  Diop, sometimes criticized for passive play, saw red once this season when he lashed out at a foe who kicked away his legs.
2010 December 28, Kevin Darlin, “West Brom 1 - 3 Blackburn”[1], BBC:
  Kalinic later saw red for a rash tackle on Paul Scharner before Gabriel Tamas was dismissed for bringing down Diouf.