• Shanked Definition & Synonyms

  1. (a.) Having a shank.

• Shank Definition & Synonyms

  1. (v.) That part of a hoe, rake, knife, or the like, by which it is secured to a handle.
  2. (v.) The part of the sole beneath the instep connecting the broader front part with the heel.
  3. (v.) The body of a type.
  4. (v.) The part of the leg from the knee to the foot; the shin; the shin bone; also, the whole leg.
  5. (v.) That part of a key which is between the bow and the part which enters the wards of the lock.
  6. (v. i.) To fall off, as a leaf, flower, or capsule, on account of disease affecting the supporting footstalk; -- usually followed by off.
  7. (v.) A loop forming an eye to a button.
  8. (n.) See Chank.
  9. (v.) The space between two channels of the Doric triglyph.
  10. (v.) Flat-nosed pliers, used by opticians for nipping off the edges of pieces of glass to make them round.
  11. (v.) A wading bird with long legs; as, the green-legged shank, or knot; the yellow shank, or tattler; -- called also shanks.
  12. (v.) The middle part of an anchor, or that part which is between the ring and the arms.
  13. (v.) A large ladle for molten metal, fitted with long bars for handling it.
  14. (v.) Hence, that part of an instrument, tool, or other thing, which connects the acting part with a handle or other part, by which it is held or moved.

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