Shoot The Boots Meaning

(Canada, idiomatic, slang) To kick swiftly and violently, especially in the groin.

Example: 2000 June 1, Jennifer Wells, "Trouble with Tracy," Toronto Life (Canada) (retrieved 13 Apr. 2009):
  The family moved about—Hamilton, Mississauga, Jane and Weston Road. "That's when my whole life switched from the good guy to the bad guy," he says now. "Right here in this city. The first day of school, I learned how to spit. Shoot the boots."
2006, Paul Dupuis, Armageddon Forever, Trinity Enterprise (Canada), ISBN 9781897306307, p. 2:
  It was strange because the boy I was fighting with had developed a reputation for being able to shoot the boots and I was supposed to be good with my hands.