Sort Out Meaning

(Britain, slang) To provide (somebody) with a necessity, or a solution to a problem.

Example:   It's a bit confused at the moment, I'll try to sort it out later.
  Could you call Dave and sort out a meeting for tomorrow?
  The computer won't let me delete that file; could you sort it out?
  Could you sort out your wardrobe and put the clothes you no longer use in one pile to give away and another to throw away?
  We need to sort out the problems we can solve from the ones we can't.
  They've already sorted out the students in group A, so we just need to worry about groups B and C.
  If you do that again, I'll soon sort you out.
  - Hey man, I want some weed.
- I'll sort you out, mate.

  We really need to sort Chris out with a girlfriend.