Stand Tall Meaning

(idiomatic) To behave in a brave, proud, or unyielding manner, without retreating from confrontation, danger, or adversity.

Example: 1892, Margaret Sidney, Five Little Peppers Grown Up, ch. 9:
  "I'll not sing one note!" she declared, standing tall, "not one single note!"
1986, Fern Michaels, Texas Heat, ISBN 9780345331007. p. 300:
  But there was beauty in her, and an inner strength that would allow her to stand tall and accept last night's phone call.
2002, Jonathan Fenby, "New elections, Same old Faces," Time, 18 March:
  The economic expansion that enabled the country to stand tall at the start of the century has slowed.
2011 January 19, Jonathan Stevenson, “Leeds 1 - 3 Arsenal”[1], BBC:
  Leeds were once more indebted to the exceptional Schmeichel for keeping them in it when he stood tall to parry away Alex Song's near-post drive only 23 seconds into the second half, before Robert Snodgrass produced a goal-saving tackle just as Arshavin was about to pull the trigger.