Stay Tuned Meaning

(idiomatic, by extension, often as imperative) To wait or remain alert (for new developments or for further information).

Example: 1966 Jan. 28, "Nigeria: The Men of Sandhurst," Time:
  Alerting Nigeria to stay tuned for an important announcement, the government radio station canceled its regular programs.
2002 January 9, Bill Carter, "A Contract Dispute Keeps NBC Viewers Waiting for Naught," New York Times (retrieved 5 Nov 2012):
  NBC had spent weeks promoting Mr. Daly's new show, and had even commissioned a special original edition of Conan O'Brien's Late Night show . . . to give Mr. Daly's show the best possible lead-in. During his show, Mr. O'Brien twice urged viewers to stay tuned for Mr. Daly.
1991 Oct. 7, "Critics' Voices: Movies," Time:
  [W]riter-director Sean Penn has found a stark camera style that ignites behavioral sparks. Stay tuned; this kid has talent.
2003 Sep. 27, David M. Herszenhorn, "Behind Makeover of Schools, A Bookish 'Kid From Queens'," New York Times (retrieved 5 Nov 2012):
  â€œStay tuned on the issues of overcrowding, capital plan, new schools, secondary reform, middle school reform; these are all critical issues,” Mr. Klein said.
2008 Dec. 10, Luke Plunkett, "Star Wars Old Republic MMO To Be ‘Microtransaction-Based’," (Australia) (retrieved 5 Nov 2012):
  Riccitiello also said that more on the game’s payment structure will be revealed in February, so I guess we’ll all be staying tuned.