Stick To One's Knitting Meaning

(idiomatic) To concentrate one's attention and actions on one's own tasks, responsibilities, or affairs.

Example: 1935 Oct. 27, "Helene Mayer to be in Olympics: Woman Fencing Champion Accepts Invitation," New York Times (retrieved 1 Oct 2013):
  [A]s sportsmen I think that we should stick to our knitting and not allow economic or social conditions to interfere with the Olympic Games.
1975 Nov. 21, "Puritans Denied Drumstick" (editorial), Spokane Daily Chronicle, p. 4 (retrieved 1 Oct 2013):
  Researchers should stick to their knitting, finding cancer cures and discovering new shades of lipstick, and refrain from debunking history.
2001 July 15, Chris Taylor, "E-Grocers Check Out," Time (retrieved 1 Oct 2013):
  "We stuck to our knitting and stayed in one market rather than going for growth," he says.