Sticking Point Meaning

(idiomatic, dated) The point at which a process or thing, especially a state of mind or emotion, reaches its greatest strength and remains steadfast; sticking-place.

Example: 1934, "41,000 Years' Work," Time, 30 July:
  The question of representing inside workers was a sticking point.
2002, H. Robert Hall, "Casey and the Negotiation of the Antarctic Treaty" in Jabour-Green, J. & Haward, M. (eds.) The Antarctic: Past, Present and Future: Antarctic CRC Research Report #28, Hobart, pp.27-33:
  A major sticking point had arisen over draft article IV of the proposed treaty dealing with the disputed Antarctic claims and rights.
1842, James Fennimore Cooper, The Wing and Wing, ch. 4:
  It warmed his feelings to the sticking point.
1913, Lucy Maud Montgomery, The Golden Road, ch. 3:
  I could not screw my courage to the sticking point.