stud muffin

(idiomatic, colloquial) A very attractive man.

Example: 1995: Billboard magazine quoted an Oklahoma City radio program who described him as "a stud muffin" — "there was just a vibe on this guy out there, especially among women" (Stark 1992, 89) — Curtis W Ellison, Country Music Culture: From Hard Times to Heaven, University Press of Mississippi, 1995, page 44
1999: "I'm a total stud muffin. Can't you see it?" Simon joked. — John W Milor, Apparition', 1999, page 106
2003: “A stud!” “A stud muffin!” In general, the students’ enthusiasm for Clinton was equalled by their disdain for George W. Bush. — The New Yorker, 11 August 2003