• Subscription Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) Sum subscribed; amount of sums subscribed; as, an individual subscription to a fund.
  2. (n.) The signature attached to a paper.
  3. (n.) Submission; obedience.
  4. (n.) A method of purchasing items produced periodically in a series, as newspapers or magazines, in which a certain number of the items are delivered as produced, without need for ordering each item individually; also, the purchase thus executed.
  5. (n.) The acceptance of articles, or other tests tending to promote uniformity; esp. (Ch. of Eng.), formal assent to the Thirty-nine Articles and the Book of Common Prayer, required before ordination.
  6. (n.) A paper to which a signature is attached.
  7. (n.) The act of subscribing.
  8. (n.) That which is subscribed.
  9. (n.) That part of a prescription which contains the direction to the apothecary.
  10. (n.) Consent or attestation by underwriting the name.