Apostrophe Synonyms & Definitions

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• ApostropheDefinition & Meaning in English

  1. (n.) The mark [] used to denote that a word is contracted (as in neer for never, cant for can not), and as a sign of the possessive, singular and plural; as, a boys hat, boys hats. In the latter use it originally marked the omission of the letter e.
  2. (n.) A figure of speech by which the orator or writer suddenly breaks off from the previous method of his discourse, and addresses, in the second person, some person or thing, absent or present; as, Miltons apostrophe to Light at the beginning of the third book of "Paradise Lost."
  3. (n.) The contraction of a word by the omission of a letter or letters, which omission is marked by the character [] placed where the letter or letters would have been; as, calld for called.