Road Synonyms & Definitions

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• RoadDefinition & Meaning in English

  1. (n.) An inroad; an invasion; a raid.
  2. (n.) A journey, or stage of a journey.
  3. (n.) A place where one may ride; an open way or public passage for vehicles, persons, and animals; a track for travel, forming a means of communication between one city, town, or place, and another.
  4. (n.) A place where ships may ride at anchor at some distance from the shore; a roadstead; -- often in the plural; as, Hampton Roads.

• RoadsteadDefinition & Meaning in English

  1. (n.) An anchorage off shore. Same as Road, 4.

• RoadsterDefinition & Meaning in English

  1. (n.) A hunter who keeps to the roads instead of following the hounds across country.
  2. (n.) A clumsy vessel that works its way from one anchorage to another by means of the tides.
  3. (n.) One who drives much; a coach driver.
  4. (n.) A bicycle or tricycle adapted for common roads rather than for the racing track.
  5. (n.) A horse that is accustomed to traveling on the high road, or is suitable for use on ordinary roads.