Summons Synonyms & Definitions

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• SummonsDefinition & Meaning in English

  1. (v.) The act of summoning; a call by authority, or by the command of a superior, to appear at a place named, or to attend to some duty.
  2. (v. t.) To summon.
  3. (v.) A warning or citation to appear in court; a written notification signed by the proper officer, to be served on a person, warning him to appear in court at a day specified, to answer to the plaintiff, testify as a witness, or the like.
  4. (v.) A demand to surrender.

• SummonDefinition & Meaning in English

  1. (v. t.) To call, bid, or cite; to notify to come to appear; -- often with up.
  2. (v. t.) To call upon to surrender, as a fort.
  3. (v. t.) To give notice to, or command to appear, as in court; to cite by authority; as, to summon witnesses.

• SummonsesDefinition & Meaning in English

  1. (pl. ) of Summons