Take Leave Meaning

(often with of) To depart.

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see take,‎ leave.
2011 March, W James Antle III, “Front-runner Failure”, American Spectator, volume 44, number 2, page 12:
  Romney had already taken leave from Bain Capital by the time the American Pad & Paper layoffs took place.
1990 August, Linda Abbott; Marsha Frey, “Fatal diplomacy”, History Today, volume 40, number 8, page 10:
  Rincon had taken leave of the king in early May
1995 October 12, Furman Bisher, “Little fanfare for Cincinnati”, Atlanta Journal Constitution:
  Those who hadn't already taken leave at Javier Lopez's last time up, turned for the exits, not taking the time to cast one last signature boo.
1999 Spring, Judith Grossman, How Aliens Think., volume 25, page 146:
  Lili takes leave with a kiss, and says hi to a young man sitting alone, sulking on a bench outside. / That's Jeannie's boyfriend