Talk Turkey Meaning

(chiefly US, idiomatic) To talk or negotiate plainly, frankly, or seriously.

Example: 1881, "The Erie to ‘Talk Turkey’," New York Times, 13 Dec., p. 8 (retrieved 21 Oct. 2008):
  An Erie car loaded with live turkeys . . . was delivered to the New-York and New-England Railroad yesterday. . . . This first cargo is symbolical of the fact that they will be able hereafter to "talk turkey" to all competitors for New-England business.
1918, Peter B. Kyne, The Valley of the Giants, ch. 19:
  I'm here to talk turkey. What's your price?
2005, "Opinion: Korean advance," International Herald Tribune, 13 Jul. (retrieved 21 Oct. 2008):
  This will mean talking turkey about the timing of steps for each side to take, and verification measures.