• Target Definition & Synonyms

  1. (n.) A tassel or pendent; also, a shred; tatter.
  2. (n.) A thin cut; a slice; specif., of lamb, a piece consisting of the neck and breast joints.
  3. (n.) The pattern or arrangement of a series of hits made by a marksman on a butt or mark; as, he made a good target.
  4. (n.) A conspicuous disk attached to a switch lever to show its position, or for use as a signal.
  5. (n.) The sliding crosspiece, or vane, on a leveling staff.
  6. (n.) A kind of small shield or buckler, used as a defensive weapon in war.
  7. (n.) A butt or mark to shoot at, as for practice, or to test the accuracy of a firearm, or the force of a projectile.

Aim, Butt, Direct, Mark, Object, Objective, Place, Point, Prey, Quarry,

• Targeted Definition & Synonyms

  1. (a.) Furnished, armed, or protected, with a target.