Tell It To The Judge Meaning

(idiomatic) I do not believe what you said.

Example: 2012, Bill Crider, Murder of a Beauty Shop Queen: A Dan Rhodes Mystery, p. 162:
  Al slid off Rhodes's back and moved away from him, hands in the air. “I was just being helpful.” “Tell it to the judge,” Rhodes said, and he took off after Frankie.
2011, Steven W. Moore, Her Husband's Crossing: A Man Remembering His Past and His Love for One Woman, p. 130:
  â€œWait a minute, you don`t understand, I wouldn`t kill my best friend!” Robert continued yelling. “Yeah, yeah, that`s what they all say, tell it to the judge.”
2008, Allan Michael Hardin, Sidetracked, p. 48:
  â€œWhat? No. No! That's not true — he — wait just a —” stammered Fancy. Kinslow cut him off, “Tell it to the judge!”