The Whole Nine Yards Meaning

(idiomatic) All the way; with everything done completely or thoroughly.

Example: 2007, Thomas Mchenry, Along the Rails: A Juror's Journey, page 85:
  Would they want me to vote my conscience or would they want us to unanimously go the whole nine yards, declare him sane and possibly have the trial end up in a death sentence?
2007, R. D. Reynolds, The Wrestlecrap Book of Lists!, page 18:
  WWE went the whole nine yards, from making Tshirts with the slogan to having announcers mention his new handle approximately every four seconds anytime he was on-screen.
2012, Susan Stephens, Working with the Enemy, page 164:
  Colleen had gone the whole nine yards, dressing up as a fortune teller, complete with huge gold earrings and a headscarf, which she'd plucked from her normal accessory box, she told Bronte.