Thick Of Things Meaning

(idiomatic) A central or major role in a situation; a position in which one is surrounded by or very involved in complex, changing events.

Example: 1888, Joseph Augustus Seiss, Lectures on the Gospels, vol. 2, Lutheran Bookstore (Philadelphia), p. 767:
  Christ calls for large ideas, bold enterprise, heavy undertakings, brave adventure, and heroic plunging into the thick of things.
1935, Charley Gehringer, "Second Base is Toughest Position to Play," Pittsburgh Press, 3 July, p. 13:
  Second base is a pleasurable post for the reason that the man covering it is in the thick of things at all times.
2004, "VP Race Is On," Fiji Times (Australia), 15 Dec.:
  During the coup he also kept his distance from the thick of things.