Time Bandit Meaning

(informal, idiomatic) Something or someone that consumes an inordinate amount of time, especially without achieving anything productive.

Example: 1983, Mark Porter, The Time of Your Life, Victor Books (1983), ISBN 9780882073873, page 101:
  The telephone can be as much of a time bandit as the drop-in visitor.
2005, J. Allen Queen & Patsy S. Queen, The Frazzled Principal's Wellness Plan: Reclaiming Time, Managing Stress, and Creating a Healthy Lifestyle, Corwin Press (2005), ISBN 9780761988854, page 88:
  Perfectionism is a time bandit that can rob you of extra time, lead you away from your priorities, and create emotional stress.
2012, David Stam & Andrew Scott, Inside Magazine Publishing, Routledge (2014), ISBN 9781317817130, page 124:
  Every member of the department can identify somebody inside or outside the department who is a time bandit: a person who is stealing their precious time.