To kiss the hand

Urdu Translation of To kiss the hand is Dast ???? karna, haath choomna use in Urdu daily speaking language. Urdu meaning of sentence To kiss the hand translates in Urdu as دست بوشی کرنا ۔ہاتھ چومنا ۔.

To kiss the hand
Dast ???? karna, haath choomna
دست بوشی کرنا ۔ہاتھ چومنا ۔

Q: What is Urdu Translation of phrase "To kiss the hand"

A: Urdu Translation of this English Sentence is "Dast ???? karna, haath choomna" as roman urdu translation and Urdu language translation is دست بوشی کرنا ۔ہاتھ چومنا ۔