Trip Balls Meaning

(idiomatic, slang) To experience a severe drug-induced hallucinatory trip.

Example: 1995, Chad Propst, "Wild Nights in Bethlehem," Home is in the Blood: new work from the Institute of American Indian Arts 1994-1995, Eddie D. Chuculate, ed., Institute of American Indian Arts, ISBN 9781881396109, pg. 102:
  God never asked His Son
  About the time He spent
  In LA
  Running with that hellish crowd
  And tripping balls in San Francisco
2001, Sparrow L. Patterson, Synthetic Bi Products, Akashic Books, ISBN 9781888451184, pg. 203:
  I felt as if I were tripping balls, but I hadn't taken anything.
2008, Sam Sheridan, A Fighter's Heart: One Man's Journey Through the World of Fighting, Grove Press, ISBN 9780802143433, pg. 42:
  During college, I had lived and studied at the Slade School in London for a year, and I became involved in the trance club scene—the Fridge, Escape from Samsara, Return to the Source—and what became apparent was that these thousand kids tripping balls on ecstasy just want to feel something.