Trouble At Mill Meaning

(idiomatic, Northern England) Problems outside the household, especially in the workplace.

Example: 1981, April 9, "Ariadne" in New Scientist, page 136
  THERE is anonymous trouble at mill. Information hath been laid this day, as summonses say, that not all the recipients of the British Telecom staff newspaper Telecom Today, are pleased to get it.
2008, John Le Carré, Absolute Friends, Hachette UK (ISBN 9781844569175)
  You're being kept here by the British Council, reasons to follow. "Held up, darling – trouble at mill – my lords and masters are begging me to stay on till it's sorted."
2015, Nigel Cooper, Boy: One Child's Fight to Survive in the Brutal British Care System, Random House (ISBN 9781473527799)
  She was under the impression it was just boys being boys while the staff kept most of the goings on under wraps and woe betide anybody who dared say anything – what went on in the children's home stayed in the children's home.
  'What's he doing here?' said Anthony, entering the kitchen.
  'It looks like there's been trouble at mill,' explained Mum.