Ts Girl Meaning

(medicine) Used other than as an idiom: see TS,‎ girl. (A girl who has a medical condition, such as Turner syndrome or Tourette syndrome, which is initialized "TS".)

Example: 2003, Erica Zander, TransActions, Periskop (2003), ISBN 9789189443013, page 203:
  ...and the sixteen year-old French TS girl I saw on TV probably twenty-five years ago, whose peasant parents treated her like just another one of their daughters.
2007, Stuart Cooke, "One Night with Chinta", Meanjin, Volume 66 (No.1), March 2007:
  There was a pause. For a moment I thought she had left the computer. But then she started typing again. She wanted to know if I knew she was a TS girl. A TS girl? What on earth was a TS girl?
2009, Shannon Leigh O'Shea, Blue Life…Pink Heart: What It's Like Being the Pink Sheep of the Family, The Mystery Girls Publishing (2009), ISBN 1449533426, page 260:
  I've also known TS girls that lacked the adequate training or job skills needed to perform as a woman, or to attain the degree or status of transition they seek merely because they can't pass or find meaningful employment in their chosen gender.
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