Turn Someone's Crank Meaning

(idiomatic) To arouse a person's interest or passion; to excite someone.

Example: 2000 March 26, George Vecsey, "Baseball: Mets and Cubs Are Grateful McGwire Said No to Tokyo," New York Times (retrieved 16 July 2011):
  McGwire had said that international competition did not "turn my crank," but the players on the dais today seemed positively excited about the trip.
2003 May 25, "The Times Bomb," Newsweek (retrieved 16 July 2011):
  But it was journalism that turned his crank. He loved knowing the secrets and the gossip; he loved trafficking in information.
2007 Sept. 4, Jack Welch and Suzy Welch, "From Hero To Zero," Businessweek (retrieved 16 July 2011):
  [A]bsolutely nothing beats pursuing the path that truly fascinates your brain, engages your energy, and touches your soul. Whatever you do, do what turns your crank.
2011 May 19, John Ortved, "Guys Confess Their Celebrity Crushes: Cannes Edition," www.glamour.com (retrieved 16 July 2011):
  Yet if you ask guys which Hollywood stars most turn their crank, you'd be surprised who their answers might be, and why.