Walk The Floor Meaning

(idiomatic) To pace back and forth restlessly, because of worry, excitement, distress, etc.

Example: 1875, T. S. Arthur, Danger; or, Wounded in the House of a Friend, ch. 3:
  "How wildly you talk, Margaret!" exclaimed Mr. Birtwell, with increased irritation. . . . Mr. Birtwell started to his feet and walked the floor with considerable excitement.
1913, Kathleen Norris, "Rising Water" in Poor Dear Margaret Kirby and other Stories:
  "Oh—this is terrible!" she broke out frantically—and she began to walk the floor.
1941, Ernest Tubb, "Walking the Floor Over You" (song):
  You left me and you went away
  . . .
  I'm walking the floor over you
  I can't sleep a wink that is true
  I'm hoping and I'm praying as my heart breaks right in two
  Walking the floor over you
1998, Linda O. McMurry, To Keep the Waters Troubled, ISBN 0195088123, ch. 1 (excerpt at nytimes.com):
  Ida . . . remembered the "anxious way my mother walked the floor at night when my father was out to a political meeting."
2015, Brenda Novak, Whiskey Creek Series Volume One, ISBN 9781460383629, ch. 7 (Google preview):
  If Kyle felt half as torn about his upcoming marriage as Brandon suspected, he might walk the floor all night.