Whitman's Sampler Meaning

(US, idiomatic) A diverse collection.

Example: 2005 March 18, Richard Harrington, "Lend Them Your Ears: Breaking Stories From the Music Scene," Washington Post (retrieved 8 July 2014):
  So here we go, offering a Whitman's Sampler of local talent, just a hint of the multitude of hopeful artists working their way toward the spotlight.
2006 July 9, "Talk Show," Businessweek (retrieved 8 July 2014):
  In a June 13 court filing, plaintiffs cite the memo as one of "a Whitman's Sampler" of V&E papers showing that the firm "was present at the creation, active throughout and still in on [Enron's] fraudulent scheme when it finally collapsed."
2008 Jan. 17, John Marshall, "From poets to politicians, a great week for author readings," Seattle Post-Intelligencer (retrieved 8 July 2014):
  Witness just this Whitman's Sampler of sweet author treats: The first female secretary of state (Madeleine Albright). A perennial best-seller and an Oprah pick (Sue Miller). A winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (Muhammad Yunus). Three local black poets (Colleen J. McElroy, Gloria Burgess, Lauri Conner). A humor writer for "Saturday Night Live" and The New Yorker, turned best-selling debut novelist (Patricia Marx).
2009 July 18, David Segal, "A Matter of Opinion?," New York Times (retrieved 8 July 2014):
  Dozens of investors have filed lawsuits seeking redress from the rating agencies, contending that the companies bear responsibility for investors’ losses, under a Whitman’s sampler of theories.