Wrap One's Head Around Meaning

(more literally uncommon) To crash into (something, especially a pole) messily and fatally while travelling in a motor vehicle.

Example: 1978, Science Policy Foundation, Science & Public Policy, volume 5, page 456
  It is sometimes mind-boggling to try and wrap one's head around all the possible information sets which one should try to address.
2011, David Adams Richards, The Coming of Winter, page 14:
  â€œSome crazy young bastard wrapped his head around a pole.”
Used other than as an idiom: see wrap,‎ head,‎ around.
2005, Charles R. Saint, The A.A.H.:
  The words barely left the lips when there came a loud cry and a trample of hoof beats. It was Kelly, radiant and shining, her mane was whipping with her speed. I cried out to her and the mare came to a stop and wrapped her head around mine.
2007, Jeff Gelb, Michael Garrett, Dark Passions, page 314:
  The man wrapped her head around and around. Helen couldn't move and she couldn't breathe and she could barely see. The man loomed over her as if he were in a fog. In spite of her training, she panicked. She thrashed her head from side to side […]