Young Turk Meaning

(idiomatic, by extension) A young person who agitates for political or other reform; a young person with a rebellious disposition.

Example: 1885, Horatio Alger, Hector's Inheritance, ch. 14:
  "What! Roscoe?" inquired the principal.
  "Is he in any mischief?"
  "Mischief? I should say so! Why, he's a regular young Turk."
  "A young Turk? I don't think I understand you, James."
  "I mean, he's a young ruffian."
1966 Sep. 30, "Jazz: Man with a Brain," Time:
  He arrives at a time when jazz's discontented Young Turks have disdainfully turned away from their audiences and gone off to explore the way-out.