Role of coalition partners vital for PTI govt to run Parliament

The Nation  |  Aug 01, 2021

ISLAMABAD  - The allied partners from Treasury and Opposition seemingly always keep the threat of partying with them as a weapon. 

The coalition partners from the government side are competitively considered more important than the forces from Opposition.

The role of these supporting partners is mainly gauged in the Parliament during the legislative business, no-confidence motions [against Prime Minister, Speaker National Assembly and Deputy Speaker].

The support of like-minded parties has much importance to smoothly run the proceedings of the house, as the political Opposition forces disrupt the proceedings by pointing out lack of quorum in the House. 

The 342-member House, as per the rules, requires at least 86 MNAs in the house to run the proceedings of the Parliament. 

It was observed that the Opposition members deliberately leave the House and one of them points out lack of required quorum to disrupt the proceedings. 

Gov't decides hike in existing prices of petroleum products Role of these supporting partners is mainly gauged in the Parliament 

This rule-cum-weapon is frequently being used by the Opposition almost thrice in a week to disrupt the proceedings to create embarrassment for the government.   The role and importance of coalition partners has become more important because of this weird Parliamentary practice of pointing out lack of required strength only to disrupt the proceedings.

The ruling party has to take care of their allied partners to run its government in a smooth way, as without the support of these clutches its almost impossible to counter attacks of Opposition forces.

Similarly, the allied partners have their own arguments against the ruling party. ‘Not taking allies into confidence in important matters has even been the main objection of allied parties.

The PTI, as a ruling party of the federal government, has been confronting all these issues from its allied partner since coming into power.

Shop till you drop at Ideas azadi online sale Its allied partners mainly Muttahida Qaumi Movement [MQM-P] and Pakistan Muslim League [PML-Q] have often been seen expressing reservations about uncaring attitude of ruling party [PTI] towards them in the main decisions.

The coalition partner from Balochistan BNP (Mengal) around a year before even part ways after repeatedly expressing reservations on plethora of matters related to the Balochistan development. 

The Parliamentary history is filled with examples of coalition partners support for any important legislation. 

They have also been seen registering their protests even on the floor of the house for not taking them into confidence.

The PTI is in these days negotiating with the Opposition parties about its proposed amendments in electoral reforms.

The Opposition have so far been not showing a positive signal to support amendments in it. 

Elaine Thompson-Herah breaks Olympic record in women's 100 meters to win gold The support of the coalition partners would be very important to pass any legislation on it.

Political experts viewed that the ruling party needs to hold meetings with its supporting partners to address their reservation, before it further increases manifold.

The government side has been observed passing any controversial bill with the thin margin, if the Opposition challenges it in the house. 

The government is approving any bill only with the gap of only 10 to 12 members, which clearly shows that the role of its coalition partners is very important.

The split in PDM’s ranks had proved a temporary sigh of relief for the ruling party as its own coalition partners have started showing reservations on multiple issues.

The Opposition never misses any chance to give tough time to the government during the legislation and it [PDM] can show unity in a crucial situation against the government in the Parliament.

KKH between Chilas, Gilgit remains blocked for all types of traffic This alarming situation suggests the ruling party to ensure support of the allies in the Parliament to avoid any misadventure in near future, as PPP-P’s Co-Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has recently threatened to give tough time to the government in the Parliament.



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