Pakistan to counter India’s ‘negative’ moves as UNSC head

The Nation  |  Aug 02, 2021

ISLAMABAD   -  Pakistan says it’s watchful of possible Indian designs planned from UNSC platform against it, as it becomes President of the UN Security Council for a month-long period.

"We are not scared or worried of India which becomes President of the United Nations Security Council, rather we are watchful of her role," Pakistan's permanent envoy to the United Nations Ambassador Munir Akram told The Nation on phone from New York.

In an Exclusive interview, Munir said Pakistan has made a counter strategy to foil Indian moves if made against Pakistan at the UN Security Council. He said India has planned three events within one month of its presidency of the UNSC, adding that Indian Prime Minister Narinder Modi has been virtually invited on 9th August by India mission to the UN on issues related to maritime, counter terrorism and piracy.

Ambassador Akram said India would project its narrative on these issues and if anything is said against Pakistan, India would be not only responded strongly but any such Indian move would also be blocked through our friends. Ambassador Munir Akram said India would also desire to embarrass China, by highlighting South China sea issue, Pakistan would also take strong exception to any such Indian move against China and would give a strong reply. The Pakistani envoy said on August 19 India would hold events on international terrorism and is expected to portray its success story on international terrorism and propagate against Pakistan for which Pakistan would expose the real face of Indian terrorism before the world body.

Italy's Jacobs sprints to shock gold in Olympics 100-meter dash Talking about the third event, Ambassador Munir Akram said India would hold another event on UN reforms and would like to highlight her role in the UN reforms, which in fact is nothing and Pakistan would not let India spread lies to the world community and would expose her. “India would like to highlight the security situation of Afghanistan, and its role there adding that India is the spoiler of peace in Afghanistan and has nefarious designs,” the Ambassador said. "If any big move is made against Pakistan by India, Pakistan through its friends would block such move and would protect its interests", Ambassador Munir Akram asserted.

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