‘PML-N used party accounts to launder, whiten black money’

The Nation  |  Jul 29, 2021

ISLAMABAD - State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh has said that PML-N used party accounts for money laundering and whitening black money.

While talking to media outside ECP here on Wednesday, Farrukh Habib said that PML-N and PPP had failed to submit any financial record of their funding to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) since the day when the case against them was filed four years ago.

He said that as per law, all political parties have to submit their details of assets to the Commission, but PPP had concealed seven and PML-N had concealed twelve bank accounts from the Commission. He claimed that transactions of millions of rupees had taken place through the accounts of both the parties; saying that all these details should be made public in order to expose their real face to the people of Pakistan.

While reacting to the PML-N allegations of rigging in the AJK elections, he expressed the wonder over the logic given by Ahsan Iqbal who he termed ‘Aristotle’ saying his party won only six seats after bagging 0.5 million votes while the PTI grabbed 25 seats after securing 0.65 million votes.

Pakistan to host second trilateral Speakers’ Conference in 2022 Farrukh Habib claimed that PML-N faced defeat in AJK elections due to their narrative and criticism on Imran Khan; adding that Imran Khan has successfully advocated the Kashmir cause and emerged an ambassador of the people of Kashmir.

Citing the results of Gallup survey before the AJK elections, he said that the survey showed that the PTI was popular among the people of Kashmir and 44 per cent of people showed their support for PTI, while PML-N and PPP had 12 and nine per cent.

About the recent meeting between Afghan National Security Advisor (NSA) Hamdullah Muhib and former prime minister Nawaz sharif, Farrukh said that he met Afghan the NSA in order to appease Modi as Muhib, according to Farrukh, was a tool of RAW.


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