Ukraine war: Russia warns US of direct military clash risk

The Nation  |  Oct 06, 2022

 Ukraine war: Russia warns US of direct military clash risk
MOSCOW-The US’s decision to send more military aid to Ukraine “increases the danger of a direct military clash” between Russia and the West, Moscow has warned.

Russia’s ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, said it was an “immediate threat” to Moscow, describing the US as “a participant of the conflict”.

Earlier, the US announced another $625m (£547m) in military aid to Ukraine.

Advanced US weaponry has been credited with helping Ukraine build momentum against occupying Russian forces. Ukrainian troops have made significant advances in the country’s north-east and south in recent weeks. The latest US hardware includes another four of the high-precision Himars multiple rocket systems.

In all, Washington has committed nearly $17bn in military support for Kyiv since Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on 24 February.

Antonov warned that the US decision “to continue pumping the Kiev regime with heavy weapons only secures Washington’s status as a participant of the conflict”. He said this would result in “protracted bloodshed and new casualties”.

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“We call on Washington to stop its provocative actions that could lead to the most serious consequences,” the Russian ambassador said.

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