Facebook will allow group admins to ‘slow down’ toxic conversations

Bol News  |  Jun 17, 2021

Facebook is attempting to make it easier for group administrators to avoid toxic conversations. The social network launched a new tool that would allow administrators to limit comments on postings, in order to “slow down” conversations.

Group administrators can now limit particular users’ ability to post for a certain period of time. They can also limit all new comments on specific posts.

Facebook is also testing “conflict alerts,” which will notify group admins when “contentious or unhealthy conversations” occur in their group.

Other moderation tools for group administrators have been added in the most recent upgrades. A new “member summary” tool will allow quick access to information about individual group members, such as how many times their posts have been removed for violating rules.

Facebook is introducing comment moderation capabilities to its automated “Admin Assist” service, which allows administrators to limit comments from new group members or Facebook users.

Admins can also completely block certain types of content, such as posts with promotional links.

Finally, Facebook is updating the “Admin Home” with a new look to help group administrators manage the commonly used tools.

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