IMC plans to increase capacity to meet demand

DailyTimes  |  Sep 24, 2021

“To meet the increasing demand from our valued customers, Indus Motor is striving to increase production capacity by further 20 per cent by April 2022,” said IMC CEO, Ali Asghar Jamali.

He said that the recently announced $100 million investment is completely for hybrid vehicles, localised production and additional $30 million will be spent on plant expansion. He said that hybrids will help achieve all the government’s macroeconomic and environment goals, while adding that infrastructure is ready for hybrid vehicles in the country and it will help generate jobs through localisation.

“Hybrid vehicles will save upto 50 per cent fuel directly impacting the carbon footprint and carbon emission,” he reasoned. As always, he added, IMC takes immense pride to be the leader in bringing technological advancement in Pakistan along with development of the local engineering base. He said, “It is our ideal target that the launch of every new model should have 50 per cent hybrid share in the future.” Talking about the increasing car prices, he said that it is difficult to hold prices, as exchange rate, freight charges and raw material cost have increased manifold. “These factors really affect the prices of cars, and they are beyond the control of manufacturers,” Jamali explained.

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