Prince Harry’s attack on British royal family leaves many adazed

DailyTimes  |  Jul 25, 2021

Prince Harry’s recent attack on the British royal family has left many adazed.

Royal expert and journalist Richard Eden gave his take regarding the Duke of Sussex Meghan Markle hostile behavior towards the Firm, saying the scathing attacks are a way for him to avenge his late mother, Princess Diana.

In a recent interview on Daily Mail’s series, Palace Confidential, Eden said: “Let’s be clear, his main motivation is revenge.”

“I heard this week from someone—very senior old friend of Prince Charles—who said that Prince Harry has always been very, very bitter about the royal family’s treatment of his mother,” he continued.

He said, “And he’s become more bitter over time about the royal family’s treatment of him and, particularly, Meghan”.

“This is revenge, essentially… It’s just a question of how damaging it will be [for the royal family],” he added.

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