Shah Rukh Khan’s Act of Kindness: Fulfilling a Cancer Patient’s Wish

Hamariweb  |  May 24, 2023

Shah Rukh Khan’s Act of Kindness: Fulfilling a Cancer Patient’s Wish

Shah Rukh Khan, the beloved superstar of Indian cinema, recently made a cancer patient’s dream come true by fulfilling her wish to meet him. Shivani Chakraborty, a die-hard fan of the actor, has been battling terminal cancer for years.

Despite her illness, Shivani’s love for cinema, particularly for Khan, remained steadfast. After her heartfelt desire to meet the superstar was shared on social media, Khan personally reached out to her through a video call, bringing immense joy to Shivani and her family, according to a report by India Today.

Shivani had always cherished the dream of meeting Khan at least once in her life. News of her heartfelt wish quickly spread across social media platforms, capturing the attention of the actor himself. Demonstrating his compassion, Khan wasted no time and promptly arranged a video call with Shivani, engaging in a heartfelt conversation that lasted nearly 40 minutes.

During their conversation, Khan expressed his concern for Shivani’s health and assured her of financial support in her battle against the terminal illness. He offered words of encouragement, prayed for her speedy recovery, and even recited a special prayer dedicated to her well-being.

In an interview with the publication, Shivani’s daughter, Priya, shared details of the video call with Khan. Expressing her gratitude, Priya mentioned that Khan promised to visit their home in Kolkata and enjoy a homemade fish curry prepared by Shivani herself. However, Khan playfully requested that the fish be boneless.

Priya happily shared their conversation, mentioning SRK’s promise to attend her wedding. He added a personal touch by offering to have fish curry in her kitchen, as long as the fish was boneless.

Khan showed love and care for a sick fan, fulfilling their wish. These acts of kindness make King Khan adored for his charisma and compassion.

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