Tere Bin Drama Backlash: Producer Urges Fans to Give Next Episode a Chance

Hamariweb  |  May 24, 2023

Tere Bin Drama Backlash: Producer Urges Fans to Give Next Episode a Chance

Producer addresses concerns over last episode and encourages viewers to reserve judgment

In the midst of a heated backlash following the last episode of the popular drama serial Tere Bin, producer Abdullah Kadwani has taken to social media to reassure fans and implore them to withhold judgment until the next episode airs.

Taking to Twitter, Kadwani expressed his love and respect for the show’s audience while urging them to remain calm and avoid jumping to conclusions. The statement comes after the previous episode’s cliffhanger ending, which drew criticism for its portrayal of toxic marital relationships and alleged domestic abuse.

One particular scene in the episode depicted Meerab slapping Murtasim upon discovering him in an intimate embrace with Haya. In a fit of rage, Murtasim proceeded to lock the doors of their room, leaving viewers distressed and appalled. The depiction prompted an outpouring of discontent from viewers, who accused the show of normalizing abusive relationships and potentially endorsing marital rape.

While some viewers acknowledged the importance of addressing sensitive topics like marital rape, they expressed concerns about the character development, as Murtasim had been portrayed as righteous, principled, and kind. This dissonance added to the viewers’ discontent.

In response to the mounting criticism, Kadwani has chosen to address the fans directly, emphasizing the need for patience and reminding them that the upcoming episode may offer a different perspective or resolution to the storyline. By urging viewers to reserve judgment until they have seen the next installment, the producer hopes to alleviate tensions and allow the narrative to unfold fully.

With all eyes on the forthcoming episode of Tere Bin, fans and critics alike eagerly await the resolution to the recent controversy. The ultimate direction taken by the show’s creators will undoubtedly determine the future reception and impact of the drama serial.

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