Yami reveals story behind her impromptu wedding with Aditya Dhar!

DailyTimes  |  Jul 31, 2021

Bollywood stunner Yami Gautam, who tied the knot with director Aditya Dhar in June, recently revealed that their marriage was an impromptu affair more than a planned one. In an interview with an entertainment portal, she said that although they didn’t plan it, it unfolded in the best way possible.She revealed that they were only planning to get engaged and then wait for a while before taking marital vows. However, her maternal grandmother convinced her to jump into marriage as ‘engagement was a part of their culture’. Yami told Film Companion, “We were just supposed to get engaged, and then were going to let time take its due course, but my ‘nani’ was like ‘listen, this engagement and all is not a part of our culture, so how about getting married?’ And then Aditya asked me, ‘Are you ready? Shall we?’ I don’t know what it means, honestly. I’m still not able to absorb the feeling of being married.”

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