Abbasi, Ahsan slam PTI’s witch hunt against Shehbaz, criticism of LHC decision

DailyTimes  |  May 10, 2021

PMLN Central Leader and Former Prime Minister Shahid Kahqan Abbasi has challenged all PTI ministers and advisors to declare the past and present assets of their parents, their families, their inlaws and their own before accusing Shehbaz Sharif of assets beyond means.

At a press conference, Abbasi said the PTI minsters portray as if they represent NAB although they have no right to speak on NABs behalf. And yet they say they will move the courts. But everytime they do, they get nothing but embarrassment and shame after the court trashes their propaganda.

“Those who are so fond of leveling allegations on Shehbaz and I, should be ready to answer the exact same questions themselves. I will respond not just by accusations but the proof and will show how decisions of the cabinet led to hundreds of billions of corruption”, he said

NAB admitted in front of the court that Shehbaz Sharif took no kickback, nor did he build his assets with any illegal funds. With all these admissions what was NAB left with against Shehbaz, he questioned.

He said the court clearly told NAB that it doesn’t matte rof NAB had 55 or 55 thousand volumes, as long as there is no evidence to substantiate and prove the allegations in these volumes they are pointless. He pointed out that court said that NAB made no effort to investigate the means of earnings of Shehbaz Sharif, then how could NAB file a case of assets beyond means.

He said it is part of the money laundering act and an international law that transactions of proceeds of crime amount to money laundering. NAB admitted that Shehbaz did not commit corruption, take kickbacks or use illegal means of earning money which dimsisses these allegations as well. NAB had no evidence of any TT, money laundering, illegal transactions.

He also said that any dispute regarding party funds would be addressed at the earliest, unlike PTI that dragged illegal foreign funding case for years.

Abbasi slammed the role of NAB as a tool for political engineering and said that everyone involved in this travesty will be held accountable including the NAB Chairman for his role in all this.

Ahsan Iqbal said that the decision of the Lahore High Coimury shows that this government’s corruption allegations are nothing but made up stories to demonise and defame PMLN. He said Imran Niazi is scared and insecure that he can never match the performance of PMLN government which was why he has his army working overtime to cook up false allegations and cases against PMLN. He questioned who gave NAB the right to jail the National Assembly Opposition Leader without proof for such long periods of time.

Ahsan said “Imran Niazi is a saddist sick minded petty human who appointed the whole state apparatus including Intelligence Bureau to report every minute of PMLN leadership inside and outside prison” .

He said the comments of Shehzad Akbar and Fawad Chaudhry on Lahore High Court decision amount to contempt of court. He said Shehzad Akbar wants to dictate how the court should write its decisions as if its a subsidiary of FIA.

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