Arab states, Turkey urge ICJ to declare Israeli occupation illegal

SuchTV  |  Feb 27, 2024

Arab states, Turkey urge ICJ to declare Israeli occupation illegal
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has been hearing arguments from more than 50 states following a request by the UN General Assembly in 2022 to issue a non-binding opinion on the legal consequences of the Israeli occupation.

On the sixth and last day of hearings, Turkiye’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ahmet Yildiz told judges the occupation was the root cause of conflict in the region.

“The unfolding situation after October 7 proves once again that, without addressing the root cause of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there can be no peace in the region,” he said, describing the occupation of Palestinian territories as “the real obstacle to peace” and urging the judges to declare it illegal.

Israel, which is not taking part in the hearings, has said the court’s involvement could be harmful to achieving a negotiated settlement, calling the questions posed to the court prejudiced.

Palestinian factions have also come under international pressure to end their own divisions over their response to Israel’s occupation, the war in Gaza and what political system might follow it.

Earlier on Monday, the Arab League’s secretary general Ahmed Aboul Gheit described the occupation as “an affront to international justice” in a statement read out by a representative.

The League called upon the ICJ, also known as the World Court, to “confirm the illegality of this occupation and unambiguously rule on the legal consequences for all parties, especially those who turn a blind eye, facilitate, assist, or participate in any way in perpetuating this illegal situation”.

Last week, Palestinian representatives asked the judges to declare Israel’s occupation of their territory illegal and said the court’s opinion could help reach a two-state solution to decades of Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has now devastated Gaza.

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