Coronavirus in Pakistan: Vaccine registration for citizens aged 30 above will start from May 16

Bol News  |  May 12, 2021

Coronavirus in Pakistan: Registration of coronavirus vaccines for persons in the age bracket of 30-39 years will start from Sunday, May 16, as announced by the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) on Wednesday. NCOC head Asad Umar revealed the news on Wednesday.

Enhancement in vaccine capacity and improvement in vaccine supply were the reasons why the government took the decision, stated the Federal Minister on Twitter. “As vaccine supply continues to improve and vaccination capacity gets enhanced in all Federating units, we continue to expand the categories of those who are eligible to get vaccinated. Starting Sunday the 16th of May, registration will be open to all 30 years and older citizens,” he tweeted.

Coronavirus vaccine registration was opened in Pakistan for people aged 40 to 49 years old on May 3. Citizens aged 50 above were being registered since April 27 while they are also being facilitated with walk-in vaccinations. The NCOC stated earlier that people are being vaccinated in two shifts during Ramadan.

The federal government has launched a digital portal through which citizens can register themselves for the vaccine, receive their personal code, visit the vaccination centre designated to them and get the jab after showing the code to the person in charge.

Walk-in vaccination for people above 40 opens from May 12

Umar also announced earlier that walk-in vaccination for people in the age bracket of 40-49 will be opened from May 12. “Starting tomorrow the 12th of May all 40 plus who have registered will be able to walk into any vaccination centre of their choice and get vaccinated,” the minister wrote on Twitter.

Vaccination centres will be open this week and will only close for 2 days of Eid ul Fitr, stated the federal minister. The minister also pointed out the rise in the death rate of people aged below 40 years during the third wave of the coronavirus in Pakistan.

It was 1% and rose to 1.8% now. He stressed the need for the vaccination to reach the most vulnerable to the disease in society. He also reminded the people that COVID-19 can be fatal for the elderly. “In Pakistan, the case fatality rate based on cumulative data this strong linkage in our country also reason why we are opening vaccination based on age in descending order is due to finite availability of vaccines globally, as well as vaccination capacity in the country,” the minister had underscored.

He also assured that the government is working to increase supplies of vaccination and vaccination capacity.

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