Court extends Shehbaz, Hamza’s bail in money laundering probe

DailyTimes  |  Sep 25, 2021

Lahore: A Lahore court extended the interim bail of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shehbaz till October 9 in a money laundering case. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had lodged the case in which both father and son are facing 25 billion money laundering charges in the sugar mills case.

In today’s hearing, Opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif and Hamza appeared before the court in order to extend the bail that was previously granted to them on September 17. When questioned about the development of the case by  Additional Sessions Judge Hamid Hussain, the FIA official stated that the probe was initiated in 2020, when the involvement of the sugar mafia was surfaced and became the limelight of national media.

He maintained and further revealed that 57 fake accounts had been opened in the names of 20 of the mill’s staff members. When judge asked FIA director about the time-span to complete the case, the director said that PML-N leaders are not cooperating with them in this case. Further, .

Shehbaz responded to all the allegations that have been put up by FIA was totally baseless. Advocating his stance, he further stated that FIA investigated him twice when he was incarcerated. PML-N leader also blamed that the FIA is misrepresenting facts before the court. Furthermore, he said, during his government he never gave benefit to sugar mills despite losing billions of rupees.

Shehbaz stated that he never violated the constitution. The court adjourned the hearing and extended their bail.








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